Lions, and lions, and lions! Oh my!

Taxidermy really is so very over. It’s all about the crochet hook now and the undisputed queen of crochetdermy is Shauna Richardson.

Shauna won one of the Arts Council England ‘Artists Taking the Lead’ London 2012 commissions for her region of the East Midlands. Inspired by the three lions on the St George’s crest she decided to create three crocheted lions that could tour the region before heading down to the Natural History Museum in London for the duration of the London 2012 Olympics.

The lions heading into the Natural History Museum. Tricky parking manoeuvre.

Why do life-size lions when you can create lions that are about eight metres long? These monumentally-scaled lions are created using just one simple crochet stitch.

Statically prowling around their new home

Of course Shauna doesn’t just use one stitch – the stitches follows contours in different directions and with differing yarns on pre-formed structure to create pretty breathtaking results.

Incoming lions.

The lions are in a bespoke glass case so they can be transported safely. Oh to have seen them in transit ….

  • In three words: whoa, courageous, lion-hearted

The Lionheart Project is at the Natural History Museum until the 10 September #giantlions


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